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Majority Of Our Fundraising Groups Return Every Year 

& Raise $1000s Each!


  1. Earn $15 per Bucky Book sold!
  2. On Consignment, No Risk! No upfront costs, no minimum to buy, only pay for what you sell & return the rest!
  3. Reimburse Your Contributors Through Savings! Once your contributors save $35 with their Bucky Book it hasn’t cost them a dime to support your cause – in fact, the average family saves $100s!
  4. Easier Every Year! With the savings realized by contributers you'll experience return customers and referrals every year.
  5. INDIVIDUAL BONUSES! Motivate your volunteers with 1 Free Bucky Book ($35 value) with each 5 books they sell! They can keep it, give it as a gift or resell it for themselves or the group!
  6. Superior Customer Service! We’re a local, Madison based company with an experienced and helpful staff.


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We limit the number of groups in certain communties to guard against too many people "stepping on each others toes" marketing Bucky Books. Therefore, please email or call soon to ask questions or receive our brochure outlining our campaign so that you can join us this fall. Thank you for considering the Bucky Book as a fall fundraiser!

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