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Majority Of Our Fundraising Groups Return Every Year 

& Raise $1000s Each!


  1. Earn $15 per Bucky Book sold!
  2. On Consignment, No Risk! No upfront costs, no minimum to buy, only pay for what you sell & return the rest!
  3. Reimburse Your Contributors Through Savings! Once your contributors save $35 with their Bucky Book it hasn’t cost them a dime to support your cause – in fact, the average family saves $100s!
  4. Easier Every Year! With the savings realized by contributers you'll experience return customers and referrals every year.
  5. INDIVIDUAL BONUSES! Motivate your volunteers with 1 Free Bucky Book ($35 value) with each 5 books they sell! They can keep it, give it as a gift or resell it for themselves or the group!
  6. Superior Customer Service! We’re a local, Madison based company with an experienced and helpful staff.


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Thank you for considering The Bucky Book to help raise funds for your organization. The Bucky Book Fundraiser raises $1000s every year per group AND WE HAVE THE TRACK RECORDS TO PROVE IT!  Please contact our Fundraising Department at anytime to arrange a meeting, discuss the possibilities further or for any questions.

Fundraising Department
608-441-3910 Ext. 107


Bucky Book Office


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