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Start a Fundraiser with Bucky Book

A Bucky Book fundraiser can help your organization raise $1000s!

Do you devote your heart and soul to an organization or know of one that needs help? If you’d like to see a beloved group or organization thrive in the Madison area, start a fundraiser with Bucky Book, and learn why teaming up with us leads to a win-win-win situation.

Fundraising Made Simple
Getting started with Bucky Book fundraising is entirely hassle-free. Use these four simple principles to start a fundraiser Bucky Badger would be proud of: 

1.    No upfront costs
2.    No minimum Bucky Books to buy 
3.    You only pay for the Bucky Books you sell so there’s no risk
4.    Return the Bucky Books you’re not able to sell when your fundraiser is over (but we think you’ll sell out fast because we’re on team “You!”)

 Reasons to Start a Fundraiser with Bucky Book: 

  • Your Organization Deserves a Fat Wallet
    We want to put as much money as possible in your organization’s pocket while making your fundraiser as easy as possible. With a reward up to $15 per Book sold, your fundraiser can meet its goal in a few short weeks!
  • Perks for Volunteers
    Your devoted volunteers can raise good money for your group by simply buying or selling just a few Books. However "go-getters," will be rewarded with 1 free $35 Bucky Book for every 5 they sell. They can keep it, resell it, or give it as a Rose Bowl victory gift—because we all know we’re going all the way this year! Go Big Red.
  • ?Everybody Wins
    Once a supporter purchases a Bucky Book, they’ll be consistently rewarded with access to 2-FOR-1 and 50% OFF coupons for their favorite local businesses, and in most cases recoup their donation to your group with the use of just a few coupons! They’ll save money, your organization raises much needed funds, and local merchants benefit. We call that the little-known “win-win-win situation.” 

If you need another reason, know that we do one touchdown push-up for every Bucky Book sold. Don’t you want to help us bulk up for game days?

The Bucky Book is your organization’s ticket for rewarding contributors, supporting local businesses, and encouraging volunteers while earning your organization serious stacks of cash to go out there and do some good.

Have more questions? Learn more about starting a fundraiser with Bucky Book by contacting us today. If you’re ready to buy a Book (or many) grab yours today