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Do you miss being a Scout? Thrilling outdoor excursions to Devil’s Lake, camping trips to Indian Trails, strong bonds with your fellow Scouts and Scoutmaster, and a lasting sense of pride and purpose might be at the top of your mind. If you’re a former Boy Scout, you probably want to pass these wonderful experiences on to future generations.

Are you looking to donate to a charity or specific group? Whether it’s the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, your childhood middle school, or the church where your family has been attending for years, you can buy a Bucky Book and give generously to local organizations you believe in.

Donate Directly to Charity
When you pay $35 for a Bucky Book from this site, you can directly donate $12 to an organization of your choice. Simply specify which organization you want to support, and we’ll ensure that your money ends up in the pocket of those who need your help.

A History of Helping Local Organizations
Over our 25 year history, hundreds of schools, charitable organizations, civic groups, service clubs, churches, youth groups, and more have raised over $3,000,000 via Bucky Book fundraising initiatives. Our lengthy charitable track record guarantees that your money will end up in the right place.

Help Support Local Businesses
If donating to charity doesn’t make you feel fulfilled enough, consider another aspect of buying the Bucky Book: when you personally use the coupons in your Book, you’re choosing to support Dane County area merchants that need your business to survive and thrive. 

Donate to a charity or an organization of your choice, and you’ll ensure that generations to come will benefit from life changing experiences here in Dane County, much like the Scout, church, civic group, or school experiences that have shaped your life. 

Buy a Bucky Book today to donate to a charitable organization or learn more about raising significant funds for a group through Bucky Book fundraising. Thank you for considering a donation to local groups. You get the Wisconsin equivalent of a gold star, a shiny red “W.”